I spent all day yesterday and most of today reading through the proof copies of Southern Blend and From the Inside Out. I have written, edited, read and re-read these stories a million times. But reading the actual hard copy, holding the books in my hand it was like reading them for the first time. I still am pinching myself in disbelief. It was also fun to see my kids reading them, just as I know it will be great to see others with copies in their hands. I can't wait.

Those that pre-ordered your books will be here soon and I will get them autographed and sent or delivered to you as soon as possible. I am hoping to be able to hand deliver them to my family members in So. California when I am there the first week of July. If you did not pre-order you can now order them through bookstores, on-line or through your local bookstores. I hope to set up some book signings later this summer and fall.

I am working on a third book in this series about the Keyton's and the boys they adopted. The book is barely started and I don't know when it will be available (I still have to finish paying off the other book costs).

I am off to camp next week...Royal Family Kids Camp and then we are all heading to Southern California. My kids will be able to meet my biological family and their grandmother, uncle, aunt (s) and cousins for the first time.

Hope you enjoy the books!!

Just heard from the publisher. Next week I should get my first hard copy to proof of both books. As soon as those are approved, the actually hard copy books will out!!  Once the books are officially released you will not be able to buy them through me personally but will be able to order them online via amazon.com and barnes and noble.com. You can also go to other book stores in your area and ask for the book to be ordered. In the next blog I will include the ISBN number and information you will need to order.

Meanwhile, I will have the pre-order option available here for another week. If you want an autographed copy sent to you your time is limited. Thanks to all of you who purchased From the Inside Out. We were able to fully pay for the editing and graphics through your generous giving. Southern Blend is still in need of funding. So feel free to get your copy ordered! Can't